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Writing at SMSJ

Writing is closely related to reading – the two activities reinforce each other.  As with reading, it is important that children learn to write independently from an early age.  Children are encouraged to think of themselves as ‘writers’ as soon as they enter school.


“The growth of competence in writing also contributes importantly to the broader development of children’s thinking.” 

                                        (NLS Grammar for Writing)




At Key Stage 1 pupils start to enjoy writing and see the value of it.  They learn to communicate meaning in narrative and non-fiction texts and spell and punctuate correctly.

At Key Stage 2 pupils develop understanding that writing is both essential to thinking and learning, and enjoyable in its own right.  They learn the main rules and conventions of written English and start to explore how the English language can be used to express meaning in different ways. They use the planning, drafting and editing process to improve their work and to sustain their fiction and non-fiction writing.

                                        (NC Guidance)


Writing is taught by:

  • Children participating in shared, guided and individual writing activities.
  • The class teacher modelling the writing process.
  • Encouraging independence (have–a –go) and responding positively to their efforts.
  • Providing key words to enable children to write with confidence.
  • Providing opportunities to write for a specific audience and purpose.
  • Encouraging children to write diaries, lists, news, stories, accounts and reviews.
  • Teaching children the writing processes of planning, drafting, revising and proof reading in a systematic way.
  • Building upon the links between speaking, reading and writing.
  • Teaching children how texts are structured.
  • Providing opportunities to develop children’s skills in punctuation and grammar.
  • Encouraging children to be adventurous in their choice of words.
  • The use of relevant ICT programs and word processing.
  • Children taking part in a Big Write so that writing is very carefully scaffolded in order for every child to produce a quality piece of writing.
  • Half-termly ‘experiences’ are provided for every child.  The experience will then be used as a writing task.

Each year group in the school has a set of 'End of Year Expectations' in writing.  It is hoped that children will achieve these expectations and even move go on to achieve some of those included in the following year group.  Click on the links below to view the expectations for your child's year group.  



 As Key Stages One and Two get to grips with the introduction of cursive handwriting, we have introduced new certificates to 

 reward their successes.  Each level is named after a well known children's author.


 Level One - Eric Carle

 Level Two - Julia Donaldson

 Level Three - Judith Kerr

Level Four - Roger Hargreaves

Level Five -  Jeremy Strong

Level Six - Roald Dahl

Level Seven - Micheal Rosen

Level Eight - Micheal Morpurgo

Level Nine -  Michelle Margorian

Level Ten - Handwriting Master