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Safeguarding Addendum January 2021


Safeguarding Children within the Curriculum


Handling dangers outside school


  • Children are taught about the potential dangers associated with the use of ICT and the internet. They are taught that they should switch off the monitor immediately, if they see anything they don’t like.

  • Children are taught in an age-appropriate way about the importance of Bonfire night safety and the ways in which they can enjoy themselves safely.

  • The Fire Crew come to school every year to speak to Year 2 and Year 6 about fire safety.

  • Year 3 learn about water safety in their swimming lessons


Travelling to and from school


  • Cycle training is provided in Year 6 in order to encourage a safe and healthy way to travel to and from school.


Supporting children’s emotional needs


  • The Worry Box and Drop In session are used to support children with any problems they may identify. Children post worries in the box and these will be addressed by the SENCo. Children understand that in most cases the discussion remains private, but where the adult is concerned for their safety, the discussion will be reported to the Headteacher.


At SMSJ we are committed to serving our community and local area. In so doing we reinforce British values regularly through the teaching of the 5W’s – Welcome, Witness, Word, Welfare and Worship:


Welcome – Come together in welcome.

Word - Talk together as a word of God’s community.

Witness – We look at our School mission statement and work together as a witness community.

Welfare – Walk together as a welfare community.

Worship – We pray together as a worship community.

(See ‘Values’ in ‘About us’)


Whole school 5Ws day/ Health Week/Assemblies in school have all incorporated:







We aim to develop and nurture the whole child in body mind and spirit through:

  • Circle time

  • Assemblies

  • Statements of belief which are linked to assemblies and displayed around school on a weekly basis


Pupil Voice


Pupils voice their opinions through all the pupil councils we have in school:

  • General Council

  • Arts Council

  • Sports Council

  • Eco Council


(See ‘School Council’ page in ‘Children’)