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Welcome toSt Mary and St Joseph'sRoman Catholic Primary SchoolBeing different, belonging together in the family of God

Religious Education Curriculum


Year 5 did a wonderful assembly all about Ramadan which will be starting very soon.

Join us for a sing along of Ramadan Moon

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5 W Day


We had our 5 W Day on Wednesday 17th May, the five W’s were taught through parables, each class chose a different one.

Reception class read the parable of The Mustard Seed, have a look at their amazing work.

Year 2 read the parable of talents, the children then thought about their talents, take a look to see what they are talented at.

Year 4 studied the parable of the Sower and the Seed, the children made mind maps, looked how plants grow from seeds in the garden and they also retold the story during P.E 

Class 6 studied the Widows Mite. Below is the team action challenge

that was undertaken.The tables were split up into, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the Acts group.

Mark group won, but well done all the groups.


In year 3 we looked at the story of Jesus healing a blind man. We know that although their sight may not be good, their other senses work a lot better.


Keith and Christine who volunteer for Guide Dogs came to visit children along with Hazel a guide dog, they told us all about training and features of the harness. If you see someone with a guide dog holding the lead with the harness down on the dogs back it means they need help.

The children baked cakes to sell to raise money for the Guide Dogs.

In Year 5, the children practiced and performed a short play on the parable of the wise and foolish builder.

Stone Soup


Year 3 have been learning about the importance of sharing, we acted out the story of Stone Soup. We shared out the ingredients of the soup and realised we could all have some soup if we shared.

The GIFT team presented the stations of the cross on the last day of term.

We celebrated St Patrick's Day by wearing green.



Ash Wednesday


Children and staff received their ashes from Father Frankie.


St Davids Day 


To celebrate St Davids Day children and staff wore yellow.

Have a look at our R.E displays around school.

Lest we forget


Staff and children took part in a two minute silence to remember the people who lost their lives fighting for our country.


The History of St Mary and St Joseph's R.C. Primary School 


St. Mary's R.C. Primary School was founded in 1878, it was built on Dean Street Islington.  St. Mary's  R.C. Church also at Islington was founded earlier in 1859.

The beautiful Gothic Church was sadly demolished in 1987. The school on Dean Street was closed and rebuilt on Bennington Street in 1956. Along with local dignitaries Bishop Berk and M.P. Barbara Castle opened the new junior school. (The Infant School which has since been demolished had been opened in 1952).


           St. Joseph's School had been demolished but they had a lovely new church.

To bring St. Mary's School and St. Joseph's Church together our school changed it's name in 1989 to St. Mary and St. Joseph's R.C. Primary School.


           Links between church and school have always been very close. Parishioners are above all friends who see the happiness and achievements of the children and their families as an important part of the life of the whole community. 

Our Diamond Jubilee 


To celebrate turning 60 years old we had a mass to celebrate. We invited staff and pupils from the past to attend our Mass and Afternoon Tea. 

Bethany Children's Choir

On Thursday 27th October 2016, we had a special visit from the Bethany School Choir.  They came into school to share their beautiful singing and to talk to us about their lives in Tanzania.  The Bethany Project is a children's home and school, which was set up to help vulnerable children in Tanzania.  The choirs singing and dancing was amazing.  Some of the children in the choir talked about their own lives, and although some of them were very sad, we were inspired by how much better their lives are now through the work of the Bethany Project.  Children from Years 3, 4 and 6 spent time with the choir children, learning more about their lives and how different they were to their own.  Mr. Frankland and Mr. Crewe  both carried buckets of water on their heads, something that the children would do daily.  Fortunately they didn't spill any! Many thanks to Graham and the Bethany School Choir.

Multi Faith Day


On Friday 17th June we had our Multi Faith Day we learnt about the Five Pillars of Islam. The first Pillar of Islam is Belief (Shahadah),in Year 2 we learnt about the 99 names of Allah.


The second pillar is Prayer (Salaah), in reception class we used 2D shapes to make a Mosque.



The third pillar is Charity (Zakaah), we learnt about this pillar in Year 1.




We learnt about the fourth pillar Fasting (Saum) in Year 4 and made Eid cards.



We went on a Pilgrimage to learn about the final pillar of Islam Hajj.


In year 3 we looked at different Islamic artefacts and how they are used within the five pillars of Islam. 



Have a look at our 5 Pillars of Islam Display.



Mercy Day


On Thursday we learnt about the seven acts of mercy, we had carousel around school to learn about feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, heal the sick, visit the imprisoned and bury the dead.  

Have a look at us making prayer cards, collaging fish, dressing ourselves, sketching and visiting Alcatraz prison.

Year 3 had a visit from Lisa and Denise who came from East Lancashire Hospice to talk to the children about the hospice. We learn a hospice is a place you can go to if your not going to get better. the Hospice offers lots of different activities for the patients such as painting, baking, knitting and crafts to name a few. Denise showed the children a few items the volunteers at the Hospice might use to raise money. 
After the arrival of the 'DOOR OF MERCY', an assembly took place where all the staff and children walked through the door. This symbolises making a new start.

Year 3 Harvest Assembly


Well Done Year 3 for a lovely Harvest Assembly. Children talked all about food, the Food Bank and how buying Fair Trade products helps the quality of life for the farmers producing the food.


Thank you to all the parents who came to support their child.