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    Thank you to the parents who attended our 'Cursive Handwriting' session on Thursday

    12th January.  As I explained, next week Year One are beginning to work through

    forming each letter of the alphabet in a cursive style in the order of their 'handwriting     family' (letters that are formed by the pencil travelling in the same direction, e.g.       

    c, a, d, o, g) in  order to be ready to join up their letters in Year Two.  





           Safety Week 


Year One had a great week learning all about how to keep safe.


Stranger Danger



    We used puppets to role play how to behave and what to say if a stranger asked us to go 

      somewhere or do something.


    We wrote 'Road Safety' booklets.


   To keep us safe in a car we took home messages to our parents reminding them not to use             their mobile phones when driving.





      We enjoyed learning about the work of the R.N.L.I. and designed 'Water Safety' posters.






       ~  Forest Schools  ~      



Year One are very lucky to be the first class this school year 

to enjoy our 'Forest School'.


We had a wonderful time acting out the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.









          No Pens Day Wednesday  


Year One had fun developing their Speaking and Listening skills and taking part in creative  activities that didn't involve writing! 


 We played a 2D shapes game in the hall, finding a partner to show a shape to and ask 'which 2D shape is this?' 

We helped our partner name the shape if they didn't know it, congratulated them when they gave us the correct answer, swapped shapes with them and found another partner to play the shape game with.





  We made marbles out of clay after learning about how children played with clay marbles 100  years ago. 





    Tricky Maths!    


  We had a very exciting maths lesson this week.  

  Mr Frankland came into Year One to show us a maths challenge.  


    The children worked in pairs to solve the problem and find different ways of making    

 blocks of colour to fill a rectangular space.  









     He was very impressed with our problem solving skills and noticed some children who 

   worked really well during the challenges and might enjoy his Tricky Maths lunchtime club.

       Well done Year One!