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The school council have been looking at the menus in school. As a result of discussion between the council and Mrs Dunkerley, we are now have Chicken Wraps, Jackets with Tuna, Cheese or Beans. Quorn option on the new menu as well as a number of other school favourites.

The children also wanted to have the table games played on a more regular bases.

A snakes and ladders is now being played. 

Who will be the champion?



The council have decided to run a competition to design posters promoting parents to park safety around school and the surrounding areas. Look out for winning designs on here and around the school.

Entries to be submitted by Wednesday 10th February

Picture 1
Picture 2

We now have the two winning posters in our Safe Parking competition.

Thank you for all your entries.

The two winning designs were by Gabby Yr5 and runner up Humaira Yr6.

The school council was very impressed with the standard.

Our next project is to look how we can encourage children to have healthy lunch boxes.

Wednesday 21st October

Today we held our third meeting. We previously had discussed which clubs the children might like to see. We then had another meeting were we came up with our top 5 clubs.

Next the councilors went back to class to see how many would be interested in the clubs.

Here are the results.

Cooking   75 votes

Gaming    37 votes

Knitting    30 votes

Jewellery making  28 votes

Dodgeball    56 votes

We will now have a look at which class the votes were in and see about starting the clubs after Christmas.

Next on the agenda will be looking at Parking outside school.