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Our G.I.F.T team

Welcome to our G.I.F.T page. We are the

         Growing In Faith Together Team

Our Commitment Prayer

We will do our best to speak the truth.

to always be patient and kind;

To be able to put other people first

and always forgive.

To trust, to hope and to endure, whatever comes.

to help others to grow in faith together.

We are:

  Norbert        Annabel      Zara      Heena      Nusaybah   Amina   Abigail        Isra   Gabriella   Kiera   Patrycja      

    Mrs Parker (Adult Leader of the G.I.F.T Chaplaincy team)

GIFT Chaplaincy Team 2016-2017

GIFT Chaplaincy Team 2016-2017 1
Our GIFT Chaplaincy Team were commissioned on the 15th September 2016 by Fr. Ged Barry and Fr. Frankie Mulgrew, who con-celebrated the Mass.  

Creative Prayer

Our Year 4 GIFT chaplaincy team (in training) came up with the idea of leading creative prayer time for Key Stage 1.  They are going to activities like colouring in with linked to a theme from the Bible.  Well done Year 4.  Great work!no

Some members of our G.I.F.T. chaplaincy team will be reading Bible stories during Friday break times in the hut outside.  Everyone is welcome to go along and join them. 

Our G.I.F.T.team are helping to lead the prayer group during Friday lunchtimes.  Everyone is welcome!frown

Our G.I.F.T. team have introduced the 5 W's award.  The award will be given out weekly to one person that has been nominated for living out one of the 5 W's each week.  Their name will be added to the G.I.F.T tree in the school hall.
Picture 1

G.I.F.T teams reflection on the 'Stations of the Cross'

On the 8th March 2017, our G.I.F.T. chaplaincy team were invited to take part in the deanery Mass for vocations at our parish church of St Joseph's.   We wrote the prayers of the faithful with the G.I.F.T chaplaincy teams from St Antony's and Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.  It was a beautiful and inspiring Mass, where people from the diocese shared their own personal experiences of vocations.  Many schools from throughout the deanery attended.  Many thanks to the G.I.F.T team members who came along to represent the school, you were fantastic as always.

8th March Deanary Mass for Vocations

On the last day of term, before the Christmas holidays, the G.I.F.T team gave each child and member of staff a small, white candle to take home.  This idea came from one of our GIFT team Kiera (Year 6), who came up with the fantastic suggestion of giving everyone a candle to light in their own home on Christmas day because we light the advent wreath in school but never light the white candle as we are always on holiday, so this way we could all celebrate Jesus' birth in our own homes at the same time.  Great idea Kiera and thank you to the GIFT team for their continuing hard work.  frown  
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GIFT Chaplaincy Retreat Day at St Bede's High School

On Tuesday the 15th November 2016, Patrycja, Gabby, Zara and Kiera from our G.I.F.T chaplaincy team went to St Bede's High School for a 'Chaplaincy Retreat Day'.  The theme of the day was Advent and how we can prepare for Christmas.  The children worked with children from St Bede's, St Paul's and St Peter's Primary School.  They wrote some Advent Prayers together, to take back to each school and made some wonderful Advent and Christmas themed crafts.  The crafts from each group were judged and the group that the children from SMSJ were in won!  The children had a fantastic day and were great representatives of our school and GIFT chaplaincy team.  Many thanks to St Bede's for a wonderful day and watch out for our GIFT team who will be sharing some of the crafts they made at lunchtimes for any children to come along and make too.

Our G.I.F.T. Chaplaincy team have been busy preparing and leading their own assembly all about how we should 'Love One Another'.  Well done G.I.F.T team for all of your hard work and for helping us to think about the ways that we can show love to everyone in and out of school.

End of the Year of Mercy

On Friday 25th November 2016 three members of our GIFT Chaplaincy Team, Abigail, Annabel and Nusaybah, went to Salford to celebrate the End of the Year of Mercy.  Bishop John Arnold celebrated the Mass for schools from all around the Diocese of Salford.  He reminded us that although the Year of Mercy has come to an end that we should continue to live out all the things that we have been reminded about this year.

Holy Year of Mercy​

Pope Francis has announced a Year of Mercy which began on the 8th December 2015.  Our G.I.F.T. team will have a very important role during the next few months, beginning with the receiving of the 'Door of Mercy' on the 21st January 2016.  The door is a symbol of forgiveness and that anyone who walks through the door will leave the past behind them and journey forward in their lives, forgiven.  As a whole school we will have the opportunity to walk through the door.  A para-liturgy will be organised by the GIFT team to celebrate this amazing opportunity.  The door will visit every school throughout the Diocese of Salford.  It was blessed at a special Mass , by Bishop John, on the 8th December at Salford Cathedral. Mrs Parker, Norbert and Isra (from the GIFT team) attended the wonderful celebration.





The blessing of the 'Door of Mercy' at Salford Cathedral

The blessing of the 'Door of Mercy' at Salford Cathedral 1
The blessing of the 'Door of Mercy' at Salford Cathedral 2

SMSJ G.I.F.T team passing the 'Door of Mercy' onto children from St. Antonys Chaplaincy Team.

SMSJ G.I.F.T team passing the 'Door of Mercy' onto children from St. Antonys Chaplaincy Team. 1
Staff and children at S.M.S.J have all walked through the Door of Mercy!

The 'Door of Mercy' has left SMSJ and will continue its journey around all of the primary and secondary schools in the Diocese of Salford.

Ash Wednesday! 10/02/16


Today is Ash Wednesday we had a service where  Father Ged came into school to put the sign of the cross on our foreheads using ashes.  The ashes are made from burnt palm leaves.

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. This is a special year for Lent because it is the Year of Mercy.

We have Lent because Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert, with no drink and no food. Lent leads us up to Easter  when Jesus rose up from the dead.   

By Heena (G.I.F.T.team)

Fr. Ged reminded us that Lent is a time for fasting, praying and giving.  Think about what you can do during this time of Lent.

Bible stories

Our G.I.F.T team will be sharing stories from the Bible on a Tuesday playtime in the 4D room.  Each story will have a theme of love, forgiveness or kindness!  They will also prepare an activity that you can do linked to the story.

G.I.F.T. Team assembly 25th April 2016    'Love one another, as I have loved you.'   heart

Some children from the G.I.F.T. chaplaincy team led the Key Stage 2 assembly today.  The theme for the assembly was 'Love one another, as I have loved you.'  They shared the first part of a story about a girl called Bonnie and her brother Ben.  Annabel asked questions about the story and how sometimes even in families we don't always show love to each.  The children talked about how feelings and actions such as; anger, hurt and not talking about how you feel can build walls between you and those you love.

noWell done and thank you to Isra, Gabriella, Kiera, Annabel and Amina on leading a fantastic assembly.



St Mary and St Joseph's G.I.F.T chaplaincy team began March 2015, with our children being commissioned at Salford Cathedral by Canon McBride.  The work of our first team continues to grow and develop every year.  We thank the children that helped to introduce the G.I.F.T team to our school. They were great ambassadors that continue to inspire all of the children that want to be a part of G.I.F.T, leading and promoting the faith life and values within our school and beyond.