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Tribal Tales - Spring 1

Tribal Tales



Year 3 will be travelling through prehistoric times from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We will also be learning about soils and rocks.


We started this topic by reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King.   





The children then drew and labelled the cave where Stig lives.

Soil and Rocks


The children explored different rocks, have a look at the children matching the rocks to the correct name.

Have a look at us painting pebbles, can you guess what we have turned our pebbles into?

A Visit From a Fossil Expert


Today we had a visit from a fossil expert! He told us all about fossils and were they come from. The children looked at fossils being very careful because they were fragile.


Have a look at our caveman collages. They look amazing!

Friday Challenges


For our Friday challenges the children took part in different activities. Have a look at us baking Ricky Roads. the tasted absolutely delicious!


We also did some weaving. 

Living like Cavemen!


In the afternoon the children went to visit a cave. We though about what it would be like to live in a cave and what we would do.  

We then made weapons from the stone age such as spears, axes, and bows and arrows.   

But beware if you trespass we may have to ATTACK!

Pinch Pots


Have a look at us making pinch pots. The children were given a lump of clay which they then had to roll into a ball, after that we used our thumb and index finger to pinch and pinch until we made a pot.

Stone Age Village


This afternoon the children were challenged to create their own Stone Age village. The children worked together in groups and thought about the features they should include in their village. Most children put a cave in their village with people from the Stone Age. Some children made fires.


Have look and see if you can guess what else the children made for their village.

Parent Workshop


Year 3 invited their Parents to come to our Stone Age Jewellery making Workshop. The children along with their parents painted clay bead and thread them to make necklaces and bracelets. 

We also make Iron Age jewellery in our cave.

Thank you to all our parents who came to our Stone Age to Iron Age Jewellery Workshop.

A walk through a cave


For this topic we have created a cave. The children drew some charcoal pictures, cave paintings and weaving with are all on display in our cave.