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Scented Garden

The Scented Garden    

Bring Yer Wellies


Year 2 went on a trip to 'Bring Yer Wellies' Farm as part of their topic, 'The Scented Garden'.

The day was packed with lots of activities and we all had lots of fun. 

Here are a few pictures of the activities we took part in: 


Playing in the sand building mountains and volcanoes




Learning about roots...




                                                  with attentive listening.





Guess the herb


The children were given pots of plants where they had to guess the herb.




                               Rosemary                                                      Lavender                                                            Mint


Planting- We all loved this bit!!!!





We also learnt all about how compost is made.



Using magnifying glasses we investigated what kind of creatures live in the pond.















 We had a really fun time building dens. We were set up in 2 groups and had a competition on which group built the best den.

Building a den

Bring Yer Wellies Farm trip

Still image for this video
The children really enjoyed the assault course. Take a look at the video.

For our science subject we wanted to find out how plants grew and what they need for healthy growth and survival. So we planted a bean in a transparent pot without any soil and watched what happened over the week.





This is what we did


Each child in year 2 took a transparent pot   so we could observe what happens. We then rolled a damp paper towel and put it inside the pot, pressing it against the pot. Then, we slipped the bean seed in between the paper towel and the pot. The pot was placed on the window sill in the classroom and watered lightly every other day. Within a few days we began to see the bean sprouting. The children were very excited to see their bean sprouting. The children discovered plants need water, light and suitable temperature for plants to grow. Since some beans had not yet sprouted we moved them around towards the front of the window to expose them to more light and found how the bean began to change.



Our next step is to plant our sprouted bean in a pot of compost.   This is because the plant needs  nutrients from the soil to help it grow and produce beans for you to eat. 

Why don't you try planting a bean at home and see if it grows as big as Jack's!!!!








It was AMAZING!!! to see the beans sprout producing the roots and shoots. The children planted their beans in their pots using compost.

We have also planted Sunflower seeds in soil. Now we are waiting for the first seedlings to appear!

Sunflower Seedlings

For Geography the children used their observational skills to see what plants and flowers are growing around the local community. As we walked to the local park, the children pointed out budding plants, colourful flowers and plants/flowers that are dangerous to touch/eat such as nettles/ berries.                  

For our science lesson we used the story of Helen Keller to identify some foods using our sense of smell. Use this link:  and find out about the amazing lady. 


The pictures below show the foods used, how they were hidden in black pots and covered with cloth so the children were unable to see what was inside. They then took turns to identify what it was by smelling the odour. 

Take a look at these pictures showing their expressions and reactions to the smells.

Flowers  and herbs have heavenly scents. Using these amazing fragrances we made gifts for someone special! We made luscious Lavender and Lemon biscuits.
We also made lavender bags which left a gorgeous fragrance in our classroom. We used lavender flowers, dried rosemary and Epsom salts.