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Paws claws and whiskers

 Paws, claws and whiskers



Look at what we will be learning this half term in class.

To begin our topic we thought about what we already know about animals with paws, claws  and whiskers and what we wanted to know about them.


Mrs Ramsden brought her cat 'Sapphire' to meet us.  We wrote and asked questions about Sapphire to find out more about caring for cats and keeping them healthy and happy.


 We found out that Sapphire is 7 years old, she is friendly and likes sleeping in the sunshine.  She goes to the vet's every year for her vaccinations and flea treatment.  She enjoys climbing trees, catching mice and birds and is NOT allowed to sleep on beds.  She has her own fluffy house to sleep inside.  She drinks water not milk and is looked after by a neighbour when the family go on holiday.





We were lucky to have a visit from a Vet's Nurse who came to tell us all about life at Springfield Vet's Surgery.



  Sarah showed us how they use a drip with a bag of special liquid which can contain          

  medicine or vitamins.  This helps ill animals get all the things they need to get better.   Can    you see the drip bag next to our whiteboard in the photograph?


Sarah also brought in  models of a cat's ear and the inside of a dog as well as  the  skull of an animal.  We passed them round and talked about them.





We looked at an x-ray of the inside of a dog who had swallowed a big stone!  The vet managed to do an operation to remove the stone and the dog is now fit and healthy!

Can you see the stone in his tummy?




We really enjoyed our visit from the vet's nurse and learnt a lot.  Thank you Sarah!


               Knowsley Safari Park               

As part of our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic, Year One visited Knowsley Safari Park to look at the amazing animals.  We saw plenty of paws, claws and whiskers as well as hooves, tails, teeth,  horns and tusks! ,


Look at the fantastic photographs of our trip ...


    Wow look at her strong, powerful body!

This female lion (also called a lioness) was looking at our coach, we hoped she wasn't hungry!


A group of lions is called a  pride.

This lioness was so close to us we could clearly see her long whiskers, she was licking her lips after eating something.  We remembered that lions are carnivores.  Can you remember what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat?

Answers at the bottom or this section.




After looking at more animals it was time for lunch!

Next we visited the sea lion show, these clever animals did tricks, they caught hoops, jumped for balls and clapped their flippers.  After each trick their keeper gave them a fish as a treat!







We had a fantastic time at Knowsley Safari Park and learnt a lot about the different animals we saw.

Answers:   Carnivores eat meat. Herbivores eat plants. Omnivores eat meat and plants.