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Mighty Metals

                                     Mighty Metals


Topic Web- Mighty Metals

We are going to explore the scientific world of forces and magnetism, metals and materials.


We will be reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. 


The story starts with a clanking iron giant toppling from a cliff and lying smashed oh the ground below.


Then his various body parts get up and search for each other.                                                                         

Did you know that iron is an essential mineral, which helps transport oxygen throughout the body?

Iron rich foods include mussels, liver, dark chocolate and beans.








Thank You!


To all parents who came to watch Year 3 present their PowerPoint Presentations about their topic Mighty Metals.


Each week the children worked on their presentation by adding sound, animations and transitions. 



Well Done Year 3!

The Iron Man needs a friend!


This week children made a robot friend for the Iron Man, using junk modelling. Which robot would you like as your friend? 

Creating a magnetic toy.


This week children were thinking about how magnetic toys were made. The had a some time to explore different toys.







Once the children had some ideas, they designed their own magnetic toy.

Using their plans they had a go at making their very own magnetic toy! 


   Some children made dart boards.       





                         Others made games using iron filings.     





                            Whilst some children made fishing games.

We collected different items made from metal, to make these AMAZING wind chimes!!!

We went to visit Witton Park to investigate what forces are present on a playground.



The children took turns on various equipment and learnt gravity helps them to come down the slide                          



Children used the force of push and pull on the swings.          




The same force was also used on the climbing apparatus.




And on the See-Saw!




A fun morning was had by all the children!




This week for science we explored different materials and their properties.


The children were then challenged to make a face using just one type of material. One table was given different types of paper                             





One table was given plastic items




One table was given Woo                 






Metal items            



and items made from fabric.         






The children learnt a dance based on different scenes from The Iron Man Story, by a dance teacher from West End in Schools.   








Our Materials and Magnets Display!