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Welcome toSt Mary and St Joseph'sRoman Catholic Primary SchoolBeing different, belonging together in the family of God



We began our topic by making a montage of pictures to fill our silhouettes. These were all the things we enjoyed or items that remind us of ourselves.

Then we completed a mind map to show characteristics of ourselves. You can see from these that we are all different in so many ways.
It might be great to become a different person for the day so class 6 have been able to make up a new ID for themselves. If Mr Frankland had his way he would be able to draw, play a musical instrument and speak a foreign language.
In Geography we found out where we lived in relation to school and looked at the internet to find out how far we lived from school.

In class we have looked at our fingerprints and looked at them through a magnifying glass. 

We have found that your fingerprint can either be classified as Loops, Arches or Whorls.

Next we took our fingerprints and put them together with a mugshot of ourselves.

Of course non of us in real life will end up doing this.

In Science we have been finding out about ourselves and taken measurements of various parts of our body and looked at the physical differences between each other. we are going to test ourselves later to compare results.

We recorded all our data in a Spreadsheet

Class 6 carried out an experiment about the effect of exercise on the heart rate.

We took our resting pulse rate and then again after 5 mins exercise followed by

2, 4 and 5 minutes rest.

Also we have created branching databases to seperate on simple features using the database.

Could you create one from it.

Blog your result.


Also in Science we have tried to create a healthy packed lunch.

Trying to make as balanced as possible using % of the various groups in relation to a packed lunch of 500g.         no

Using our I Pads we have produced a movie showing where in the world we would like to go if we had the choice. 

Mr Franklands choice would be the Maldives. Mrs Hilton would like to visit Dubai. Mrs Yusuf would love to go to Egypt.

We thought of words that could be used to describe our thoughts, feelings,looks and opinions. We have used them inside an outline of our faces. Mr Frankland read out some them, and the children tried to guess who it was. 

They did really well.

We went for a walk around both school and the local area to look at signs of positive and negative affects of human behaviour.

We took pictures with our IPads. 

Can you you tell which are positive and negative?



We have used Google Sketch Up to create our perfect rooms. Some of us choose our bedrooms, while some choose the living room. We hope you enjoy our personal choices.

Next step may be Grand Designs !!!!