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Gods and Mortals - Summer 2

Gods and Mortals


This half term out topic is Gods and Mortals, we will be visiting Greece, learn about myths and legends and be thinking about how the Ancient Greeks have influenced the modern world.                         


Did You Know?


The Greek Olympics inspired the modern Olympic Games and were held in honour of Zeus, the king of the gods.







Greek Pots


We have been learning about Greek Pottery. The best pottery was made in Athens.  They mainly used black and orange and decorated their pots with paintings of great battles, huge feasts and their favourite gods. Greek pots give us clues about life in Ancient Greece.





We made our own Greek pots using black and orange sugar paper. Have a look at our pots.  

Greek Plates


Following our work from pots we learnt about plates, which also have pictures that shows us how life was like in Ancient Greece.                                                                        



We made our own plates by Paper Mache, the first thing we did was cover a plate with either water, oil or cling film, to prevent the paper sticking on to the plate. 



We then added three to four layers of paper to our plates.

Finally, we painted our plates orange adding some black to paint on our pictures and detail. Have a look at the fantastic end result!

Greek Theatre


The children learnt about Greek Theatre, in particular we looked at the masks that were worn during Greek plays. If the play was a comedy the mask would look like this



If it was a tragedy it would look like this








We made our own comedy and tragedy masks, take a look.

Did you know?

Only men were allowed to perform in plays! 



Meet Zeus


Year 3 went to Mount Olympus to meet Zeus! It was very cold up in the mountain.



Zeus is the king of the Greek Gods, his symbol is a thunderbolt and he can change the weather. We had a lot of questions for Zeus, which he answered.       

Greek Gods


We have been learning all about Greek gods, their roles, symbols, attributes and found out facts about a God or Goddess. Once we found out some information we wrote it down on a fact file sheet.

We then presented the information to the rest of the class.

The Olympics


We have been learning about the Olympics, we know that Rio is hosting the Olympics this year.


The Olympic Games began over 2,000 years ago in Greece, they were held every four years in honour of Zeus.


Events included running, chariot racing, long jump, javelin, discus and fighting.


Only men were allowed to take part and watch in the Olympics because the athletes were completely naked.


Women held their own separate games at later date in honour of Hera, the wife of Zeus.



The only prize at the Greek Olympics was a wreath of olive leaves cut from a sacred tree at Olympia. 


We made wreaths using Laurel leaves, have a look. 


Before each game The Olympic flame is lit in Olympia and brought to the host of the by runners carrying the torch in the relay.


We made our own Olympic torches. Take a look.