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Advent is the time for getting ready for Christmas. This is Jesus' birthday. We have been getting ready for Christmas by 

decorating the Christmas Tree

                   eating our Christmas Lunch
   and going to the pantomime.

We have been learning about the Nativity Story. We read extracts from the bible and dressed up to retell the story.

We have been re telling the story using the Nativity Scene. We thought about how Mary and Joseph would have felt when they had to stay in the stable, what the shepherds might have said when they finally met baby Jesus and discussed what gifts we could give to Jesus.

Ask your child if they could tell you the story of The Nativity.

We have been been talking about our birthdays. 

Mrs Addy showed us a photograph of her baby and we looked at all of the things which you need to get ready for a new baby. We talked about babies which are special to us.

Advent is a time for getting ready for Jesus' Birthday.



On the 11th November 2015 Hindu's around the world will be celebrating Diwali. We have been learning about Hinduism and finding out how our religions are similar and different.

We found out that Hindu's pray in a Temple called a Mandir.


Hindu's pray to many different Gods and Goddesses.

Hindu's also have shrines at home where they can pray. We made our own Hindu shrines and learnt all about what Hindu's have on the shrine and how it is used.




These items are found on a Hindu Shrine. Ask your child if they can name them and describe how the are used.







When dressing up for a special occasion Hindu ladies wear a sahri. We looked at lots of sahri's and looked at the different colours and patterns on the fabrics. We used these as inspiration for our own designs.

Click on the link below to play lots of fun games and learn more about Hinduism.

In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

We went on a shape hunt around school and used our I Pads to take photographs of 2D and 3D shapes.

Why not try going on a shape hunt around your house.

This is our SHAPE SHOP. We have to use lots of mathematical language to describe the shapes which we would like to buy. We have been using the vocabulary       2D       3D      curved     straight     long     short    corners     sides



Hindu's celebrate Diwali every year to welcome in the New Year. Diwali is a bright and colourful festival which celebrates the triumph of goodness over evil and knowledge over ignorance. 


Celebrations include decorating houses and public spaces with thousands of lights, candles and colourful designs. 


Diwali honors the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, and the legend of Rama and Sita.


Diwali means "row of lights".


Thank you to all of the parents who game along to watch our very first assembly. We loved telling you the story of Rama and Sita.


To listen to the story of Rama and Sita and play lots of fun games click on the link below.

Our Diwali reading area

We have been learning about 'Feelings'. We have talked about what makes us happy, sad, afraid and angry. We made leaves for our Kindness Tree to show how we can makes others happy when they are feeling sad.

We have been making pictures using our shape wall.

Bonfire Night

5th November



We found out about light sources using our 'Dark tent'. Mrs Addy gave us all a reflector to wear on our coats. This reflects light and helps cars to see us in the dark.

We used our hand prints to create a giant Bonfire picture. We mixed red and yellow paint and found out that this makes orange!!

We have been finding out about fireworks. We have been learning about how they move, the shapes and patterns which they create and the different sounds they make.


We had lots of fun making our very own firework displays on the computer.



Click on the picture      to make your own interactive firework display at home.

We have been making rockets

                                  drawing fireworks on the computer

 and creating fireworks pictures using chalk.

We listened to the story of Guy Fawkes to find out why Bonfire Night is celebrated. Some of us dressed up as Guy Fawkes and we asked questions to find out why he tried to blow up The Houses of Parliament.




Still image for this video
Dominique came into school this week to teach Key Stage 2 dance. She very kindly offered to show us a short dance whilst she was in school. We had great fun!!