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Welcome toSt Mary and St Joseph'sRoman Catholic Primary SchoolBeing different, belonging together in the family of God

Enchanted Woodland - Autumn 1

Welcome to the Enchanted Woodland


We used clay and natural materials we found in the woods to create these amazing 'Tree Boggarts'.  Ask your child to describe to you how we all helped to make these unusual faces on the trees in our infant playground.

Our Boggarts

                                                 Bark Rubbings



 As part of our science topic we made tree  bark rubbings - we talked about the appearance,  texture, feel and smell of the trees and used wax crayons to create wonderful natural patterns on paper. 

                                    Rabbit Visit 
We received a letter from a rabbit in Tockholes Woods.  She had seen us there and wondered if we had found the Magic Wand her Woodland Fairy friend had lost.  We wrote invitations inviting her to come to school so that we could ask her questions about her life in the woods. We were thrilled when she came to talk to us.  We gave her the wand to return to the Woodland Fairy and were able to write Rabbit Information Sheets about the fact she told us about her life in the woods.                                 

Year One spent a wonderful morning walking in Tockholes Woods. The canopy of trees made the woods seem dark and eerie as we entered through the latch gate and made our way deeper into the woodland. We stopped to look at the fungi growing on the bark of

     tree roots and to identify different trees by their leaves, noting these down on our tree spotter sheets.

We collected leaves, twigs, nuts and seeds to use in our topic work back in class.

Halfway through our walk we stopped to drink our milk and Mrs Ramsden and Mrs Morrison read us 'The Gruffalo' story. It was so exciting to hear the story whist sitting in a real wood but...

      we didn't see a Gruffalo!


On our way back through the trees we were amazed to see magical objects stuck in trees and bushes ! We spotted  a fairy's wand and a tutu, a small crystal box with glitter inside, a beautiful sparkly purse and a tiny blue shoe.                           

We brought the items back to class. Who could they have belonged to?

As we waved goodbye to the woods we talked about all of the wonderful things we had seen. Before we got on the coach to return to school we had a delicious ice-cream at the Visitor's Centre Cafe. We had a really super morning but are still puzzled about those magical items in the 'Enchanted Woodland'.





Can you use the photographs to tell someone in your family about our trip to the 'Enchanted Woodland'?