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Year 1

Year 1 have been very busy in the forest this half term (October - December). 


Our topic has been the Enchanted Forest so Mrs Thomson and Miss Boyle took us into our Forest area to learn lots of exciting things.


We learnt how to keep safe in our Forest and we decorated our Tree Cookies and played lots of fun games.


We went on a Bear Hunt and we really did find a bear at the end.  Argh!!!!  We enjoyed splish sploshing through the river, and woo hooing through the snow and tiptoeing through the cave.  We had lots of fun.

We made sensory bags and binoculars to help us find the bear.



We looked at the story of Stick Man.  We played Stick Man stuck in the mud and Father Christmas had to rescue us, we even got to make our own Stick Men!!


We read the story of the Gruffalo.  We made a character from the story out of clay and we then built dens for them to hide in.  Matty made a great tepee for his character.


On the last week Mrs Thomson and Miss Boyle built a fire to keep us warm.  We had fun playing in the mud and in the forest and then we had warm juice and we all got to toast our own marshmallows on the fire.  Yum yum!

Toasting Marshmallows