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Urban Pioneers-Autumn 2

Urban Pioneers 

Take a look at what we will be learning about this half term.

Year 3 will be learning about local History and Geography.


To start our topic we went on a Town Trail of Blackburn starting on Darwen Street we saw houses that were over 300 years old!




We looked at blue plaques on the wall, which told us what happened there a long time ago. The one on Weatherspoon’s pub tells us that steam trams turned around here. 



We then walked to Flemming Square which was originally The Cotton Exchange and later become the Turkish Baths.

We had a look around and saw a poem that snakes across the ground written by Julia Copus. 


We then went to the Visitors Centre in the market and asked some questions about Blackburn.





We went to Witton Country Park and learnt about Mr Fielding, he was a very wealthy man who owned a lot of land in Blackburn. His house was built on the 480 acres of land of Witton Park. He later sold Witton Country Park to Blackburn for its people to enjoy. But no one is allowed to build on it.


His house was demolished in 1952 because of dry rot. This is where Witton House stood


This is a pillar from Mr Fieldings house. 










We then had a lovely time enjoying the park. 

Build a Canal Workshop


Katie from the Canal and River Trust came to tell us about canals, how and why they were built. Canals were built by navvies by hand because they had no machinery, they lined the canal with clay to keep the water in, to smooth down the clay cows and sheep were walked up and down the canal, this is called puddling, water from the canals comes from rainwater. We then made our own canal. 

Visit to the Mayor.


We went to visit Councillor Hussain Akhtar who is the Mayor of Blackburn

We sat in the Council Chamber while Andrew the Mayors helper told us about the Mayor and his duties.





We then went to the Mayors Parlour and a tour around his room



After that, we went back to the Council Chamber and had a vote, the candidates were Daniel Radcliff, Paloma Faith and Gary Barlow.








The winner was Paloma Faith


Before leaving we were awarded with our Junior Citizens certificates and had a drink and a biscuit.  





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