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Our Church Family

Local Church - Community


To begin our topic we thought about celebrations which we share with our family, friends and community.

We used our floor books to discuss what we celebrate and how. Some children brought in photographs from home to share some special memories with the class.


We all enjoyed looking back on our birthday celebrations in class. We used our birthday chart to discuss our birthdays. Some of us were born in the same month. We talked about who is already five and who has a birthday coming soon. 


There were lots of new resources in our home corner to help us role play some special celebrations. We enjoyed pretending to bake birthday cakes, dressing up for Eid, recalling how Hindu's celebrate Diwali and preparing for a wedding.


We found out that people write invitations to invite others to join in with a special celebration. We all wrote a special invitation to our family inviting them to join us on our visit to church.




Our Church Community

We have been learning that Christians belong to the church community - the parish, which celebrates in a variety of ways. 


We made spider gram of celebrations which take place in a church. These included weddings, baptism, funerals, Christmas and Easter. We sorted photographs into church community celebrations and school celebrations.


We belong to the Parish of the Holy Family


We looked at lots of photographs of church buildings. We found out how they are similar. We learned the words 


      cross               stained glass windows              statues           spire


   We drew our own churches adding these features.  


We then used our model church to find out about the inside of a church. We then matched the pictures to the correct descriptions.



We sorted photographs into 'inside' and 'outside' the church. This helped us to learn and understand new words including benches, lectern, pulpit, font, bible and altar.







Our visit to church




The Bible

We listened to the story of Noah. We enjoyed taking part in lots of activities to learn the story and understand God's important message. We wrote our own promises to God.