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Moon Zoom - Spring 1


      Our Topic Vocabulary  


moon comet planet      astronaut 
    star    asteroid moon buggy  space rocket
 galaxy space  gravity atmosphere
universe meteor orbit earth
satellite  crater Neil Armstrong Tim Peake



     Year One became 'investigators' when they heard from the school office that a strange

    object had been spotted crashing into a tree on the sports playground by the school 

    security cameras.


    We rushed to explore the crash site and found some interesting clues!



                                            green fur                        eggs                   part of a computer



                                        orange glittery slime          a pink crystal


                  What could have happened?




                     We wrote 'Missing' posters and placed them around the school.







                 We found out about the first man to walk on the moon on July 20th 1969.

Neil Armstrong



We watched and talked about the exciting events that happened on that important

day in history in the 4D Classroom.






        We were very interested to see and learn about the 'Space Buggy' Neil Armstrong

drove on the Moon.



In our Design and Technology lessons we designed and created our own!










           In our science lessons we used our senses to investigate the materials we found at the 

        space crash site and found out which material created the most realistic looking

        crater on our moon when we dropped it from a height.


       Do you think it was the ping pong ball, the feather, the marble or the rock?



        The rock made a super crater and we decided to use it to help form the surface of our 

        moon.  Did giant rocks, stones or asteroids create the craters on the surface of the real 

        moon we wondered?