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Memory Box - Autumn 1


                The Year One children have settled into their new class really well.  


    We have begun our 'Memory Box' topic by learning to sing a traditional song 


                                              'The Teddy Bear's Picnic'.




Teddy Bears Picnic ~ sung by Anne Murray

A lovely old children's song



       We wrote invitations to our teddies asking them if they would like to come into        school for a        

                       Teddy Bear's Picnic





                                             They ALL accepted the invitation!



                      We followed instructions to make our sandwiches.





                                And enjoyed sharing them with our teddies!











   Thank you to all the grandmas, grandads, mums and dads   who attended our Family Session on Wednesday.  

     We hope you enjoyed learning about transport a long time         ago and comparing it to transport we have now.  Thank you      for helping the children sort and talk about the different        types of transport we found out about. 

Take a look at the photographs taken on the day!











   No Pens Day Wednesday


We spent time in the 4D Classroom finding out about how people lived a 100 years ago. 

We learnt the names of and uses of  different household objects.

Can you spot items in these rooms that we no longer have in our houses today or that have been replaced by modern equivalents?






  We enjoyed dressing up and imagining we had been transported back in time!