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Memory Box - Autumn 1


    We began our  'Memory Box' topic by remembering what it was like to be a baby.  We 

   looked at photographs of ourselves as babies!

   Can you guess who these beautiful babies grew up to be?  They are all children or adults

   in Year One!










      To learn about life when our grandparents were young we asked them to fill in a   

    questionnaire  which asked them which toys and television programmes they played with 

    and enjoyed when they were young.


    We held a 'Grandparents Morning' and had a wonderful time in our 4D room learning

    about old homes.



    Click on the link below to take an interactive walk through a Victorian Home.





    We visited Blackburn Museum and learnt a lot about toys children played with more 

    than 100 years ago.














This week Year One turned into 'Historians' as they invited children from the Reception Class to visit our Class Toy Museum.


They wrote invitations, delivered them and helped their guest complete the reply slip.


They collected their guest from their class, showed them around the museum, telling them about the old toys and the materials they were made out of.

Then they returned them safely back to class.

Thank you Reception Class for being such interested and well behaved guests!












                 To finish our 'Memory Box' topic we invited our teddies to a

                  Teddy Bear's Picni

We wrote invitations to our teddies and

 they all accepted! 




 Here are our teddies and toys ready to 

 set off for the picnic! 



 We all had a wonderful time, our teddies favourite part of the party was the  HONEY sandwiches!