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Enchanted Woodland-Autumn 2

  We began our Enchanted Woodland topic by making friends         with a tree!


  We chose our favourite tree, gave it a hug and used tracing   

  paper and wax crayons to take a bark rubbing.








       We learnt about the difference between deciduous and evergreen 



      An evergreen plant has leaves throughout the year and is always green.


      A deciduous plant loses its leaves during autumn and winter.  We found examples of both         types of trees in our school garden.


      Can you spot which is evergreen and which is deciduous?


                                   ?                                     ?



             Why do deciduous plants lose their leaves?


       Some plants and trees would not be able to survive the cold,          dark weather of autumn and winter because of the lack of 

              sunlight and water (the ground is often frozen which means 

               they can't suck up the water and nutrients through their 

       roots).  They shed their leaves to save energy during this time.

       When spring arrives the deciduous plant and trees start to

       bud and leaves begin to form ready for the milder warmer    



Thank you to all of the parents who joined us for Christmas Craft. We would love to hear about this experience. Please let us know which parts of the workshop you enjoyed in the feedback form below.

Many thanks

Year One Parents' Christmas Craft Workshop