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Enchanted Woodland - Autumn 2


                  We began our 'Enchanted Woodland' topic by visiting the woods and using our                       five senses to see, touch, hear, smell and taste things around us.


               We saw ...  mushrooms, leaves, trees, bark, logs, ferns, moss, seeds, nuts, flowers.                       birds, insects, puddles, a wood carving, dogs and people. 

                    We heard ...  birds, water, ducks, leaves rustling in the wind, children's voices, dogs  

                   barking and people talking.

               We smelt ...   flowers, herbs, leaves, plants and hot chocolate!

               We touched ...   leaves, bark, acorns, conkers, twigs and ferns.

               We tasted ...   creamy hot chocolate!











                            After our walk we enjoyed a drink of delicious hot chocolate!




                                    On our way back to the coach we followed a trail of glitter to find a 

                             Woodland Fairy underneath a tree!




                            We took her back to school where we knew we could care for her.

                            She soon made friends with the animals in our 'Enchanted Woodland'

                            role play area.







 Christmas Crafts Session


Thank you to the parents who joined us for our craft session on Friday 2nd December. 

 We used twigs, sticks and other materials to create some wonderful things to sell on our  craft stall at the Christmas Fayre!