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All About Me

All about me

We have been learning all about ourselves. In R.E we talked about how God created us all and made us all beautiful and special. We all looked closely at ourselves in the mirror. We found out that although we all have the same features we are all different. We have different hair,   eye colour,      skin colour    and have different shaped faces!

We enjoyed comparing ourselves to our friends.

After painting our self portraits we used a range of collage materials to create a puppet of our face. We had to think very carefully about the shape, colour, size and texture of the materials to make sure that they resembled our facial features. 

Look at the finish articles!

Picture 1

Our Senses

Have been learning about our five senses.

We explored our sense of taste by taking part in a 'Fruit Taste Test'. We made a whole class bar chart to find out which fruits we liked the most and which we liked the least.      


We explored our sense of touch with a feely bag game. We put our hands into the boxes and described what we could feel. We then had to guess what we could feel using the photographs to help us. We explored lots of materials and thought of some wonderful words to describe them.    ROUGH      BUMPY    STICKY      SPIKY      SOFT     HARD

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Why not try...

labelling your body.

Put a large piece of lining paper on the floor. Ask someone to draw around your body. Use crayons to draw and colour all of your features. Now try to label as many parts of your body as possible.